We’re Back Inside!

PCBC’s In-Person, On- Campus Gatherings and Information You Need to Know Regarding COVID-19.

We Are Excited to Come Together Again!

As the coronavirus COVID-19 continues to impact local communities, the team at Putnam City Baptist Church (PCBC) will closely monitor its effects and provide updates for church members and guests as needed.

This page was last updated Friday, March 12, 2021.

PCBC COVID-19 Protocols

PCBC has procedures in place for members to follow after being exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19.

Non-Close Contact

More than 6 feet away or closer than 6 feet for less than 15 minutes with someone who has tested positive or been exposed to a known positive case.

  • Follow CDC guidelines: Maintain good hygiene, continue social distancing, continue frequent hand washing, wear a mask.
  • If symptoms develop, inform PCBC Ministerial Staff.


  • Your quarantine time is complete
  • You are fever free for 72 hours without medications
  • Your respiratory symptoms are improved

Close Contact

Was exposed from 2 days prior to known positive onset or positive test until individual was isolated.
Begin 10 day quarantine from the last contact with known positive person.

If symptoms develop, begin 10 day isolation from the day symptoms began.


  • Your quarantine time is complete
  • You are fever free for 72 hours without medications
  • Your respiratory symptoms are improved

Positive COVID-19 Test or Diagnosis

  • Inform PCBC Ministerial Staff.
  • Begin 10 day quarantine from the time of your test or the onset of symptoms, whichever is earlier.


  • Your quarantine time is complete
  • You are fever free for 72 hours without medications
  • Your respiratory symptoms are improved

Things to Know When Coming On Campus

If you are feeling sick, please stay home.

Everyone entering any building is encouraged to sanitize their hands upon entry.

Valet service is offered for the 8:30 crowd only. Please park in our designated valet parking area. A golf cart will pick you up before services and take you back after. Please contact Pastor Justin Gammon for details, jgammon@pcbc.tv or (405) 850-4309.

Welcome time has been adjusted during worship services. Handshaking is not recommended as we welcome each other.

Thorough cleaning and sanitizing are done after the use of any space.

Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout campus and in each classroom.

Coffee stations are closed at this time.

When Are Services?

Sunday Services are held at 9:45am and 11:05am (in the Event Center). We do not require any type of registration beforehand.

When Do ABF Classes Meet?

All classes meet at either 8:30, 9:45, or 11:05 with a few minor changes to allow for safe distancing.  Face coverings are recommended for all classes but not required. Each classroom is sanitized before class members are allowed to enter. 

When Do Middle and High School Students Meet?

Middle School students meet Sundays at 9:45am in Room 122. They also meet Wednesdays at 6pm in the Annex. 

High School students meet in the Annex on Sunday mornings at 9:45am and on Sunday evenings at 6pm. 

All students are encouraged to sanitize their hands upon entry. Safe distancing is a priority whenever possible. Face coverings are recommended but not required. 

 When Do Preschoolers and Kids Meet?

Preschoolers and kids have Sunday School classes during the 9:45am and 11:05am Sunday services as well as Wednesday Awana Clubs at 6:15pm. 

Enter the South Tower of the new Children’s Building. Please use sanitizing stations upon entering the building, then use the Self Check-In computers to print your family’s security labels. Please use the wipes provided and sanitize the screen after your check-in is complete. Preschool parents, place your child’s nametag on his/her back before taking to class. Older Children parent, your child’s nametag should be placed in each child’s shirt pocket area before taken to class.

Please send only one parent or guardian in the preschool hallway for drop off and pick up. The adult security label will need to be presented when picking up.

Preschool Specific Guidelines

Preschool rooms are operating at a reduced capacity to allow for safe distancing whenever possible. Volunteer teachers and preschoolers wash hands when arriving to class and use hand sanitizer regularly throughout the class. Toys and equipment will be sanitized regularly. Volunteers wear gloves when diapering or assisting with toileting needs. Volunteers may wear face coverings, but they are not be required to do so. 

Preschoolers are encouraged to safely distance as much as possible, with the understanding that the nature of preschool children makes it almost impossible to keep them six feet apart. Teachers ensure that rooms, equipment, and supplies are disinfected after each teaching session. 

A large Ziplock bag is provided for your child’s diapers, wipes, bottle, sippy cup, and pacifier. Please clearly label all of your child’s belongings. Diaper bags may hang on hooks in the hallway but may not be brought into the classroom.

Kid Specific Guidelines

During class kids are encouraged to safely distance. A personalized container of supplies is available for each child to use during learning. Teachers ensure that rooms, equipment, and supplies are disinfected before and after each teaching session. 

Water fountains are not available. Your child may bring a water bottle that is clearly labeled, but please refrain from bringing food into classrooms.

Are We Doing Missions?

All domestic and international missions are being constantly evaluated using the guidelines of the State Department, The World Health Organization, and medical personnel.


Like many other things currently, our giving time looks different. Drop-off giving stations are located near iCentral in the main building and in the lobby of the Wellness Center for you to give your offering. 

Additionally, giving online is by far the easiest and safest way to give each week and has recently become a simplified and more streamlined experience click here to give online.

Text to Give is also available every day. Text the number of the amount (ie: 20) you want to give to 84321

What You Can Do

Use wisdom and stay home if you are sick. Don’t attend worship or other church activities until symptom-free and fever-free for at least 24 hours.

If you have high-risk health conditions, use personal discretion in attending worship gatherings in-person. Participating online is an available alternative option.

Follow safety and travel advisories issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

PCBC worship services are streamed live every Sunday, and every message is recorded and available to watch and listen to anytime through our archive page.

How You Can Pray

Pray for those affected by this virus. Pray that they would soon be healed.

Pray for a cure. Many are working around the clock to find a cure. Pray for these efforts.

Pray for everyone impacted by the chaos and the uncertainty that is resulting from this virus.

Pray that much would be made of Jesus in these days… and pray that the world would look to Him ‘in times of trouble’ and discover the hope we have in Him and through Him.