September 21, 2016

Groups to Join

Better Together in Adult Bible Fellowship Groups

Group Bible Study in Oklahoma City, OK

We have three small group bible study hours (8:30, 9:45, & 11:05) and two worship service hours (9:45 & 11:05) for your family to be a part of. There are all kinds of Sunday Morning Small Groups at PCBC.  In fact, every class takes on its own personality over time.  Our adult groups are divided up so that you can choose which group you fit in with best.  Our goal is not to keep you in a particular demographic of people; our goal is for you to connect wherever you feel most comfortable.

The Christian life was not meant to be lived alone. Growing in grace is done better together. This is what our Adult Bible Fellowship groups are all about--growing in grace together!

Children and Students

We have classes for preschoolers-6th graders during the 9:45 and 11:05 services. Students grades 7th-12th are in our Annex during the 9:45 service.

8:30 am ABF Small Groups

Class Teacher Age Room
Faithful Believers Murphy 70+ 145
Ambassadors Haggard 70+ 143 A-C
Life Builders Susil 60+ 149
The Bereans Talley 60+ 155
Bridge Builders Fleming 50+ 143 D-F
Special Needs Allen Mix 142
Men's Class Coffey/Scott Mix 148
His Workmanship Bertram Mix 103

9:45 am ABF Small Groups

Class Teacher Age Room
Rooted Weaver 18-25 144
Strong Foundations Edwards 30-40's 149
Women's Class Stevens Mix 145
Halftime Keels 40-50's 155
Common Ground Berry 20-30's 143 D-F
Common Ground Collier 30-40's 143 A-C
Special Needs Hill 16+ 142

11:05 am ABF Small Groups

Class Teacher Age Room
Home Builders Hayes 40-50's 143 D-E
Family Life Matters Stetson 40-50's 149
Truth Seekers Allyn 50+ 148
Internationals Ford Mix 155
Single Purpose McCormick 45+ 143 A-C