January 23, 2017



The iChaplaincy ministry is one of the most effective ways to reach secular society because there are times chaplains can go places where the Church simply is not allowed to go. Becoming a part of the iChaplaincy team will provide many opportunities to extend the ministry of the local church beyond the “four walls” of the church facility. The iChaplaincy team is broken down into seven major areas of ministry:

1. Healthcare
2. Pastoral counseling
3. Law enforcement
4. Corrections
5. Military
6. Corporate/Industry
7. Disaster Relief

Each of these areas provides opportunities for ministry oriented persons to serve. Consider helping us maximize our redemptive potential as a church by becoming a part of the iChaplaincy team today. 

Find our Healthcare Chaplaincy Training video HERE

For more information contact Pastor Shonn Keels at skeels@pcbc.tv.