Marriage & Family

At PCBC, we believe there is power in cultivating healthy families! Our desire is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and development in marriage and parenting.

Developing Maturity

Our desire is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and developement in marriage and parenting. We provide classes and resources to equip couples for marriage and families for parenting. Opportunities include:

-A special emphasis in Adult Bible Fellowship classes on Sunday mornings

-Marriage/parenting conferences (including our annual marriage conference- Together Forever!)

-Family fun events

Commemorating Milestones

Our desire is to provide the parents with equipping and the child with the experience of recognizing the spiritual opportunities at significant life events.

We celebrate and equip families at these milestones:


-Becoming a parent

-A child entering 1st grade

-A child entering adolescence

-A child becoming a young man/woman

-A child graduates from high school

-When the cycle begins again!


A mentor is a model, an encourager, and an imparter of knowledge. Our desire is to provide mentors for engaged/newly married couples, new parents, and single parents. We understand that a mentor is not a know-it-all, but rather someone whose hindsight can become your foresight.

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Ed and Donna Edwards

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