July 20, 2017

Missions – Judea

Judea - Our City - Missions

PCBC's Judea is Oklahoma City. These mission teams work to serve those in OKC both physically and spiritually.


The iChaplaincy ministry is one of the most effective ways to reach secular society because there are times chaplains can go places where the Church simply is not allowed to go. Becoming a part of the iChaplaincy team will provide many opportunities to extend the ministry of the local church beyond the “four walls” of the church facility.

Find more information HERE.

Hope Pregnancy Center

PCBC has participated in multiple Hope Pregnancy Center mission events. Past missions include Christmas donation drives, participation in the "Walk for Hope" fundraiser, and preparing care packages for expectant mothers. Many church members continue to volunteer individually at their multiple locations. 

Visit their website HERE for more information and to volunteer.

Senior Wellness Center

Right next to the PCBC Campus is the MAPS 3 Senior Healthy Living & Wellness Center. The center provides state-of-the-art-health and wellness services, empowering adults to become avid health consumers responsible for their well-being and fulfillment of their personal goals. 

Visit the Healthy Living & Wellness Center page HERE.

Senior Adult Ministry

We minister to the senior adults in our community at the Legends, Hefner Mansions, and St. Anns nursing homes. In 2018, we will also be starting a homebound Sunday School class that will fellowship over the phone.