September 17, 2017

Next Steps

Next Steps & I Love My Church Offering

Our strategic planning team has proposed that the next phase of our church expansion be to build a new children's building and to remodel the preschool wing. If you missed the informational meetings, you can watch the video below. The vote to approve the plan occurred on November 12 and passed with a 97% approval. 

On December 10th we launched our “I Love My Church” Offering. Everyone was encouraged to bring their best, one time gift to help start the funding for this NEXT STEP. We then committed to giving above and beyond our tithe a monthly offering for the next 12 months. This is a challenging step that will allow us to keep doing GREATER THINGS.

Over 200 families joined together to give their best gift above and beyond their tithe.  As a result, we raised more than 10% of the project costs in one month’s time. We will now take the next 11 months to continue to give a gift above and beyond our tithe at whatever level you can.

Total raised as of August 2018: $514,836.20

Campaign Goals