January 25, 2016

Night to Shine FAQ

Will a meal be provided?

There will be a food table with Chick-fil-a, cupcakes, cookies, lemonade, water and more. If you have an allergy or unable to eat the food provided you may bring your own food.

Will the event have security?

Yes! Oklahoma City Police, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and the Oklahoma County Sheriffs will be providing security for the entire event with more than 75 officers volunteering.

Will there be a medical team on site?

Yes, we will have 2 doctors, 4 nurses, the OKC fire department, and EMSA on site all night to assist your child. We also will be providing a quiet room with medical professionals.

Who can attend?

Anyone with special needs 14 years of age and older. Our oldest participant in 2016 was 83 years old.

Each participant is assigned a “Buddy”. What is a “Buddy”?

A Buddy is an individual volunteer who is background checked and assigned to a participant. Their role is to guide the participant through the night to experience all the opportunities available and to have the best prom experience ever.

What will be available that night for entertainment?

For the prom participants, we will be offering a red carpet welcome with paparazzi, a corsage or boutonnieres, a live DJ, a Tim Tebow gift bag, food and drink, hair and makeup room, karaoke, limousine rides, lighted dance floor, celebrity photos, and more.

For the guardians/parents we are offering a Parent Prom  that will allow you to drop off your person with special needs and enjoy a special night of live entertainment, featuring Wade Tower, also professional ballroom dancing presentation by Bruce and Nancy Smith, plus other surprise guests, dancing and, yes, dinner is on us.  You will be able to see the Prom on a big screen to see all of the fun that your loved one is having.

What if we need a prom dress or tuxedo?

Prom dresses and tuxedos are not required, but we do ask you to dress accordingly. No shorts are allowed.

For ladies - Some dresses have been donated but there is a limited supply and first come first serve. You can contact the church at 773-6900. Name Brand Clothing on Northwest Expressway and Council will offer a 50% discount if you tell them you are with the Tim Tebow Prom.
For guys – Men’s Wearhouse on Memorial Road is running a $49.99 special. You simply need to tell them that your tux rental is for the Tim Tebow Foundation Night to Shine event.

What is the cost of the event?

The event is totally free. The Tim Tebow Foundation, Putnam City Baptist Church and numerous local companies are underwriting the entire event.

How can I volunteer and be a part of Night to Shine?

Anyone 16 years or older can register as a volunteer online at here soon. Fill out all of the pertinent information and we will contact you to find the best place to serve. We will need over 400 Buddies and 700 additional volunteers for paparazzi, food services, hospitality team, and more.