October 12, 2016

Night to Shine Volunteer Positions

Volunteer at Night to Shine

We would love to have you volunteer at Night to Shine 2019! Found a position you want to volunteer in? Click on the picture by the description to fill out your registration form. All volunteers for Night to Shine need to be at least 16 years old and able to pass a background check. Volunteers will also be required to attend a training meeting at 5:30PM on the night of the event. 


Your role will be to make this a night to remember for participants.  You will accompany and assist your assigned guest throughout the evening, providing companionship and any assistance they may need during the event.  You will be on your feet most of the evening.

Parent Prom

Caregiver Prom

This event will give the Parents/Caregivers a 3 hour break to enjoy their evening. The event will include Food, Dancing and Special Entertainment. These super happy volunteers will love on, visit with and help make our special guest have a magical evening.

UPDATE: Caregiver Prom positions are filled.


Help assist in blowing up balloons, building arches, rolling out the red carpet, set up lighting, decorate table, transforming this church into an amazing Night to Shine venue.  Also assist in returning the church back to its original condition the day following the event.

Food Service

Be knowledgeable about food & beverage items and assist serving & catering to our guests & volunteers which includes food prep, setup, replenishing, servicing, cleaning, and hospitality at both the prom and/or the parent prom in the wellness center.


Be knowledgeable about dining areas and restrooms and assist in catering to our guests & volunteers which includes bussing, cleaning, replenishing, offering assistance, and hospitality in the restrooms or dining areas at both the prom and/or the parent prom in the wellness center.


A friendly spirit is needed to assist our guest with a special look. Volunteer must have the ability to apply minimal make-up, Blush, Eye Shadow and Lip Gloss. Minimal hair styling will include using a Straightener, Curling irons, and Bobby pins.


This friendly person must be able to work for a short period of time in a fast pace, stressful environment while smiling. They will get the Volunteers name or the participants name from the guest or guardian check them off a list, take their coat, give them and the guardian a wristband and point them to the coronation station for crowning and flowers or the direction of the area they will be working in for the evening. 

Limousine Rides

Outside, assist our Special Guest getting in /out of the Limo. Inside, staging our guest in the chairs to await the next Limo to arrive. Also, keep the walkways clear for the returning guest from their ride.