Night to Shine 2021

Due to COVID-19, Night to Shine 2021 will be a Virtual Prom, and it will include celebrities, songs, and so much more! We are very excited that we can still celebrate all of our Kings and Queens of the prom.

Night to Shine is a worldwide movement sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation that includes special needs proms being hosted simultaneously on one night by more than 721 churches in 50 states and 34 countries. This worldwide event requires more than 215,000 volunteers and on that one night, approximately 110,000 people with special needs, ages 14-99, attend proms around the world.

Register for the Night to Shine Virtual Prom.

On February 12, the Night to Shine 2021 Virtual Prom will begin, and you will be able to go back and experience the prom again and again for several days after it is over!

We hope everyone stays safe and enjoys this year’s prom online!

Night to Shine 2020 Photos are Now Available Online!

Volunteer Positions at Night to Shine

Volunteer positions will not be available for 2021’s virtual prom. We look forward to seeing our volunteers in 2022.

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