Whether you are taking classes or braving the working world, if you’re age 18-25, we have a place for you! Our Rooted ministry offers Sunday Small groups and various activities throughout the year that provide opportunities for connection, relationship building, biblical equipping, and serving. 

Sunday Mornings

We have small groups on Sunday mornings at 9:45am in room 144. Afterwards, we attend service together at 11:05am!

Wednesday Nights

Every Wednesday night we have Rooted Midweek at Babble. (6909 W. Hefner Rd. Suite B12, Oklahoma City, OK 73162). Each week this is a time for us to fellowship and get to know each other a little bit better!


We love to do things like worship nights, game nights, and other activities. Follow us on social media (@pcbcrooted) to stay up to date with all of our events! 

Rooted Leaders

Brian Weaver

Rooted Pastor

A Note From Brian

Our ministry is based out of Colossians 2:6-7. In this passage, it talks about how as Christians we have received Jesus Christ into our lives and we should walk daily in union with Him. In verse 7 it goes on to say that we should have our roots firmly and deeply planted in Him so that we can continue to grow in Him to the point that it overflows and abounds in our life. The 18-25-year olds as they go off to school, work, or even the military will be faced with challenges and temptations like never before. The goal is to make sure our members are firmly rooted in Christ so they can always turn to Him in every situation.

Amy Harrell

Christopher Harrell