Summer Supper Clubs

June 9 | July 21 | August 18
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“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” –Acts 2:42

Supper Clubs are back at PCBC! This Summer we will gather in homes to get to know each other better, share the fellowship of a simple meal, and pray for our neighbors. Our goal for this year is to deepen our connections as a church, and supper clubs are the perfect place to do this!

This year, Pastor Bill has placed before PCBC the vision of Connections, and there are few better places to make Connections than around the dinner table. Supper Clubs have the ability to create opportunities to make friends with other wonderful people outside of our usual social circles. We are inviting you to make Connections through our Summer Supper Clubs, sign up by May 19.

There may be clarifying questions that you have, but, we thought we would try to answer some ahead of time.

If you need anything further just reach out to Dru Finley at

What is the goal of Supper Club? To deepen our fellowship and connection with the family of PCBC through the breaking of bread and praying for our neighbors.

What is a Supper Club? Supper Club is a potluck dinner at a host’s home, where a group of people meet in an informal and relaxed setting. It’s great for newcomers and long-timers.

What’s the agenda? The only agenda is to get to know one another better, share food and fellowship, and make Connections. There is no program – just dinner, hospitality, conversation, and a short devotional.

Who can participate? All adults and families who attend PCBC are invited to participate!

What about kids? We will have homes that have the ability to bring kids along. We want to see our young families involved with Supper Clubs, so we’re planning to have host homes with kids involved.


How does it work? Everyone who has signed up will be assigned to a Supper Club of 6-8 other folks. The goal is for each group to get together 3 times over the summer months, June 9, July 21, August 18. Each time, one individual or family agrees to host the group in their home and provide a main dish. The other members of the group contribute the rest of the meal (salad, sides, dessert, beverages, etc.)

Who figures out when and where our supper club will gather? When you sign up online, There is a place to indicate if you are willing to host the Supper Club in your home. The host home will receive a list of those who will be in there group in order to invite them into their home for Supper Club.

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