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Throwback Thursday – November 3, 2019

Nov 6, 2019

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This Sunday we began our focus on “thanksgiving.” Pastor Bill posed some really important questions. The first being, “When you hear the word Thanksgiving mentioned, what comes to mind?” Many people think food, football, family, fall… all kinds of things that revolve around the Thanksgiving season. But then he asked the question, “What is Thanksgiving?” He gave us three key things to remember…

  1. Thanksgiving is the knowledge that you have been blessed.
  2. Thanksgiving is the knowledge that you are still being blessed.
  3. Thanksgiving is the knowledge of the source of the blessings.

He also asked the question, “When should we give thanks?”

  1. Before the blessing comes
  2. During the blessing
  3. After the blessing has been received

As you listen to this week’s podcast, here are a few things to consider…


  1. When do you find it hardest to give thanks to God? When do you find it the easiest? 
  2. Like Paul and Silas, is your thanksgiving to God showing people His goodness?
  3. Try to write a thank you note to God every day this week!


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