Community VBS

Friday August 5 & Saturday August 6 • Ages K-Grade 5

This year PCBC is doing VBS out in the neighborhoods!

Are you interested in volunteering with VBS and hosting a group at your home for two days?

This summer our VBS goal is to reach into our neighborhoods, meet neighbors, develop relationships, and spread the good news of Jesus! Our multiple VBS venues will be held Friday evening, August 5 and Saturday morning, August 6.  There are several ways you can serve:

  • Volunteer to host a group of Kindergarten through 5th graders in your yard or a common area near you.
  • Volunteer to help teach, guide and share Bible stories.
  • Volunteer to help with crafts or games.
  • Volunteer to greet and provide light security during the event.

Sign your kids up now and we will send you information and the address of the Community VBS nearest you.

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