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We communicate with our Learning Tree Families on our Facebook group PCBC Learning Tree, texting through Remind and email.  Contact Learning Tree for information on any of these communication forms.


2020-2021 Learning Tree Calendar

Fall Calendar of Events

September 9th – Meet Your Teacher (reservations required)

September 10th – First Day of School

September 29th – Apple & Red Day

October 13th – Fire Safety Day

October 15th – Fall Break (No Classes)

October 29th – Pumpkin & Orange Day

November 3rd – Picture Day and Blessing Basket Food Collection Begins

November 19th – Thanksgiving Feast and Blessing Basket Collection Ends

November 24th & 26th – Thanksgiving Break (No Classes)

December 17th – Christmas Parties & Family Christmas Program (Morning Event)

December 22nd – Christmas Break Begins

(All calendar dates are subject to change.)

Spring Calendar of Events

January 5th – Classes Resume

January 19th – Community Helper – Animal Handler

January 28th – Pizza, PJs, and Movie Day

February 2nd – Donuts for Dads

February 16th – Valentine Parties

February 25th – Community Helper: Dentist

March 2nd – Dr. Seuss Celebration

March 16th & 18th – Spring Break (No Classes)

March 25th – Community Helper: Police

March 30th – Easter Egg Hunts

April 20th – End of the Year Fundraiser Musical Program (Evening Event)

May 6th – Mornings with Moms

May 11th – PCBC Ice Cream Man

May 13th – Last Day of Classes & Pizza Lunch

(All calendar dates are subject to change.)


If Learning Tree is closed, you will be notified in this space.  

Inclement Weather – We will be closed when inclement weather prohibits safe travel. If Putnam City schools are closed, Learning Tree will be closed.  Please watch the TV stations for PC Schools closures, messages posted on Facebook, and texting through Remind.

Acts of Nature – if we will be closed in the event of a natural event such as a tornado or a pandemic event such as COVID-19, you will be notified via TV, messages posted on Facebook, and texting through Remind.  

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