June 23, 2015


Media Team

Our services would not happen without the behind-the-scenes effort of our media team. Our hard-working, talented, enthusiastic volunteers strive to create an engaging, distraction-free service to enhance the worship experience. This is a unique, multifaceted ministry that enables the church to reach thousands of people locally and worldwide each and every week with the truth of God’s word. 

We are always looking for new volunteers, no experience required. What is needed is your talent, willingness to learn, ability to focus on the task at hand, and a servant’s heart.  We have well trained people who would welcome the opportunity to show you what we do and how we do it. Learn about our service area opportunities below:


These volunteers operate handheld or stationary cameras during the our services to help connect people into a worship experience. Their footage is streamed live and available for anyone to re-watch, enriching our online community. 

Stage Hand

Also known as a Grip, these volunteers help get equipment during service calmly and efficiently. Under the direction of the Producer, Stage Hands make sure everyone gets on and off stage with everything they need seamlessly.


Lighting volunteers work on a computer and a lighting board to make lighting changes according to the music and service transitions. Lighting operators help create the enhanced atmosphere during the service, allowing focus during worship and videos.


Slides operators use ProPresenter to run lyrics for worship and sermon slides for the Pastor. These focused, detail-oriented volunteers are directly assisting the worship team and Pastor, while also helping every member equally participate in worship. 


These volunteers work with an audio console, microphones, and the praise band to create a "joyful noise" every Sunday morning. They make sure microphones are on, videos and pre-service music plays smoothly, and mix the praise band so they can worship with excellence. 


The Director runs the video feed for our online audience. Stationed in the Director's Suite, they give directions to the camera operators in order to find the perfect shot. They help the online audience feel engaged with the service.

If you have any questions, contact Justin Gammon at jgammon@pcbc.tv or through the church office at 405-773-6900